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AJB Livestock Bio

Growing up on a large family farm, I learned how to get the work done; however, as the farm grew in size, we weren’t feeding cattle from pails anymore. Large-scale was not for me, I felt the severe loss of connection with the animals.  I needed that connection to enjoy the work.

BSE hit Canada hard and even my own steely resolve to raise livestock on my own faltered.  No bank would lend for cattle, especially to a girl…even a successful cow-crazy one.  So off I went to college; four years later, I graduated with a degree in Hospitality and another degree in Culinary Arts.  I bought a tractor the day after I graduated. I was doing exactly what I wanted to do, the way I wanted to do it. 

Devin, my partner in this farming adventure, has had to “learn on the fly”; calving, sorting, and, the extreme test of any relationship,…cattle pictures!!  But he has gone above and beyond to be the plumber, electrician, welder, and mechanic every cow-crazy girl needs.  

Did I mention the tranny went in the tractor year one… don’t kid yourself, this life choice hasn’t been easy.  And the bank didn’t jump on board with us at the start, so we slept in a camper for the first few months. But, now in our 4th year, on the edge of Bull Shit Canyon, (no joke, it is really called that) we have developed the herd into a solid group of working females. We tailored the mineral program and vaccine protocol to ensure our livestock’s optimum health. A commitment best reflected by last year’s 76% conception rate in the first 21 days of breeding. 

Our bloodlines are anchored by a handful of maternal pedigrees and we breed them to bulls I feel best compliment each individual animal.  I breed the majority of our herd artificially, and I absolutely love that part of my job.  I have an amazing memory when it comes to bloodlines, and could ramble on about the ones I love, and rant about others, but most importantly, I breed what I believe in.

Please enjoy our website, it offers a glimpse into life in the Canyon and Feel free to contact us anytime about our genetics, methods, or just to “geek-out” about cows with me.

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Proof is in the Pudding

Check back soon for photos from our first year around the farm!